A minimally invasive treatment option for mitral valve regurgitation

TMVr treatment

After the operation

After the TMVr procedure you will remain in the intensive care ward for approximately 24 hours for observation. After that, you will remain in the general ward for another three to five days. However, aftercare can differ from hospital to hospital. The attending doctor will always reconcile the duration of the stay with your individual needs and your state of health.

The majority of patients already notice a reduction in symptoms immediately after the operation: a reduction in shortness of breath and improved physical capacity. Despite this, after the TMVr procedure you will have to continue taking medicines, in particular to thin the blood and for the treatment of cardiac insufficiency, which may be present. It is very important for you to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions regarding your medicines in the period immediately after surgery to avoid health risks.

Once you have been discharged from hospital, you must avoid strenuous activities (such as lifting and carrying) for at least 30 days. The majority of patients with a TMVr no longer require special assistance at home, aside from care related to any other conditions.

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