A minimally invasive treatment option for mitral valve regurgitation

Ask your doctor

Do not simply ignore your symptoms. If you suffer from shortness of breath, drowsiness or the other symptoms mentioned (Symptoms and causes) it is important that you make an appointment with your family doctor.

Prepare for the appointment

It is important to mention all your symptoms so that your family doctor can help you as best possible. Use the following questions to prepare prior to an appointment:

  • What, precisely, is causing you difficulty?
  • How often in the past month have you had difficulty with the symptom(s)?
  • Have the symptoms affected your daily activities/your work?
    • If so, which symptoms?
  • Have you had problems with your symptoms while:
    • At rest
    • Getting dressed/showering
    • Walking
    • Climbing stairs
    • Doing domestic work
    • Working in the garden
    • Eating
    • Smoking
    • Being under pressure/stressed
  • Have you already done something about this yourself?
  • To what degree has it affected your quality of life?
  • Have the symptoms affected your family life?
  • What do you personally think is going on?

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